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Why Us

CARS is the result of a dedicated team of clinicians, whose ethos and commitment is solely about addressing psychological, clinical need, resulting from workplace traumas. We fulfil this care whether it is provided through a moral Care Commitment, or mandatory Duty of Care compliance. Here’s why we are different.

Meet all your mandatory Duty of Care compliances around Mental Health –

Without exception and in one service.

We address critical care concerns –

Those which are usually under exclusions or qualifying criteria with EAPs.

You only pay for what you need –

Exclude those EAP cost elements that employees are unlikely to present to their employer.

Specialist trauma specific treatment and care –

Delivered by clinicians who are experts in their chosen field, trauma.

Critical care provided at –

50% to 80% less than charged by UK EAPs.

100% tax deductible status –

Many EAPs don’t qualify.

Quality care guided by NICE –

Particular reference to NG116.

Complete confidentiality assured –

At all times.

Dedicated care - if referred for CARS clinical care –

Client sees their individual clinician, throughout treatment.

Client Company receives a full Critical Incident Briefing within 72 hrs of reporting event to CARS –

Informs you of best practice and care procedures around the event.

CARS, critical incident program covers all events –

Likely to cause trauma in a working environment.

Simple to actions –

Simply call the dedicated critical incident line to report – we take it from there, whilst keeping you informed.

If you want your Mental Health Clinical Care Provision to be current, relevant, specialist, bespoke and *100% tax deductible, or you simply want to make substantial savings on this provision and provide the best possible care, when needed - 

* Please seek your independent tax advisors advice

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