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What We Do

At Cardiac Arrest Remedial Support, we are not an EAP, we are your companies specialist mental health, clinical care provider, meaning we exclusively specialise in the clinical treatment of trauma induced psychological conditions that may be encountered by workplace staff. This is most commonly in OHCA (Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest) resuscitation attempts, with staff involvement. But we go beyond. 

The CARS mental health care service, addresses the specialist psychological consequences of Death and Bereavement, Physical Violence, Critical Incidents and Threat to Life events in the workplace.

Two heads overlapping, one in turmoil, one at peace.

"Of those involved in, or witness to, an Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest (OHCA) resuscitation attempt, *13% of those who suffer, will suffer severe psychological impact from their exposure to this event." (severe psychological impact being such that requires specialist clinical intervention)

*Research Data supplied by, Zijlstra, Beesems, De Haan, & Koster


Headed up by the Clinical Governance, Steering and Advisory Committee, we are a team of + 20 of the UK’s most recognised and established names in Clinical Psychology and Psychiatry, each with a dedicated focus on trauma. We specialise in trauma and its associated mental health conditions & treatment and are committed to quality of care, for those in need.


We provide all specialist therapies and treatments associated with trauma and its presenting conditions and promote healing, recovery, and resilience, specific to trauma and all in adherence with The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines. Particular reference is given to NG116.


We provide you 24/7 Critical Incident Support for Client reporting of a CI event, then, as guided by NG116 we provide our first Care Intervention within 72 hrs of that report being received by our CIS staff.


This timely and primary initial Care Intervention is unlikely achievable by any EAP and sadly, by the NHS (excepting, induced psychosis or similar). Thereafter our Clinical Guidance Pathway includes a Peer Support Briefing Session, a Wellness and Wellbeing Assessment, a Clinical Assessment and should this last assessment determine any concerns or a presenting condition, 12 x 1:1 clinical treatment/therapy sessions with a trauma specialist Clinical Psychologist/Psychiatrist from our Clinical Support Team.


This Case Clinician can/will be the clients dedicated clinical care provider, throughout their treatment term, if demonstrating beneficial and remedial progress. Continuity in care, is key.

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