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We address critical care concerns

If you have an EAP and you believe you're protected.


On paper maybe, but your obligation is around provision, not promise. ‘If you fail to provide, you haven’t complied’.


Please contact us if you don’t hold an EAP.

Please check yours if you do, most EAPs do not want to pay for this clinical care, it is the expensive end of care provision for EAP providers.

Look out for exclusions such as –

  • Subject to professional referral - this can be time consuming and a GP can require a Psychological Assessment. This will likely fail to deliver an initial intervention in 72 hrs and hence, fails NICE Guideline, NG116.

  • The support will incur an additional charge - this is the most frequent exclusion and is costly to add or fulfil elsewhere.

  • Clinical care is available on an ‘Ad Hoc’ basis only - yes some do drop that bomb in the hour of need.

  • We retain a large and well-established EAP provider for this cover – Try an unannounced Test Case Call with your provider and see how ‘Big Corporate’ address time critical, stressful and emergency situations. Getting your call answered swiftly and by a human, is often the first hurdle. The use of AI is of concern in this field.

  • Increasingly EAPs are provided by an App - a situation that we believe is wholly inappropriate for the circumstance.

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