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NICE Guided Counselling for Workplace Traumas

We are more than an EAP! We are your companies dedicated, specialist clinical care provider, when prompt and expert support & care is needed. If you provide an AED in the workplace for staff deployment in  Cardiac Arrest resuscitation, this rescue attempt may be distressing for those staff that are exposed to what is a life and death event.

CARS also provides psychological care for workplace; Death & Bereavement, Physical Violence, Critical Incidents and Threat to Life events!
When witness to death or serious injury, incidents of PTSD and CPTSD are on a par with military personnel and veterans.


We are your mandatory Duty of Care commitment to the mental health of your employees who use an AED/Defibrillator in an attempt to save the life of another, but suffer distress as a consequence!

An event where psychological harm may be considered, foreseeable. 


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"There is an increasing body of clinical evidence that states, that for some, bystanders or staff, assisting in, or witness to, an Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest (OHCA) resuscitation attempt, there may be psychological harm. It is certainly true that involvement in this event will probably never be forgotten, but there may also be distress and for some this will become profound, with debilitating and clinical implications".

Dr Jo Billings

Professor of Psychological Trauma & Workplace Mental Health, UCL Division of Psychiatry.

Consultant Clinical Psychologist to UK Government 

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